Will Work for Food: Tumbleweed & Eddie’s

20120726-143132.jpg Last month’s Barkbox included treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s.  The dogs loved the treats that we got so I decided to go online and order some more. When I logged onto the company’s website I was thrilled to discover that they are located only a few towns away from me.  They sell their treats at a few local farmers’ markets and I decided to take the Aussies to one so that we could see all the options.

Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats are made with human grade ingredients and they are wheat-free.  This is important to me because I try to feed the dogs grain-free food.  Aussies are notorious for their sensitive stomachs and Dublin definitely does better with fewer grains.  Bailey, on the other hand, is a living garbage disposal and nothing bothers her! The Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats are baked in small batches and the combinations are unlike anything you find in a big box store.

At the farmers’ market we ended up buying a few Double Nut Super Boosts and Minty Breath Busters.  These were quite popular with the Aussies, who were dismayed that they were not able to stand at the table and try every single treat being offered.  Let me tell you- the noses were going wild while we shopped!

I also purchased a bug repellant shampoo bar because we spend a lot of time in the woods hiking.  The mosquitos and gnats are always bugging the Aussies and I don’t want to spray them with more chemicals.  We use Certifect to kill ticks, but it doesn’t stop other stinging bugs. We haven’t tried the soap yet but it smells amazing!

I wanted to head back to the farmers’ market last weekend but it ended up being cancelled because of the weather.  Tumbleweed & Eddie’s announced on Facebook that their stash for that day was on sale (that’s how fresh they are!) so I ended up placing a quick order.  Tumbleweed & Eddie’s offers free shipping, so it was a no-brainer.  We ended up getting some jerky and Puppy Butter. I’m especially excited about the Puppy Butter because Bailey had ridiculously soft paws and she tends to scrape them when she runs a lot.  I’m hoping the Puppy Butter helps a bit!

I highly, highly recommend Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats for anyone who wants human-grade, all-natural treats that are fresh and delicious.  The Aussome Aussies give them 4 paws up!


(We go through a lot of treats around here because the Aussies love to learn and work.  Thankfully, they also run a lot, so we don’t have to worry about weight gain.)


July Barkbox Review

Dublin and Bailey love Barkbox!  Barkbox is a subscription box for dogs.  Every month you get a box with 4-5 handpicked items for your pups.  So far we have gotten treats, toys, shampoo, a towel, bubbles, and lots more.  We have a six-month subscription and we will definitely be re-upping when our subscription is up!

This was our third Barkbox and each one has been better than the last.  This month’s theme was summer and it was packed with lots of goodies to play with outside.

Investigating the box after it arrived.

This month’s box included Incredibubbles, a PetProjekt squeaky t-bone steak, Yumzies all-natural treats, Metropaws poop bags, a Spinz treat toy, and a $10 off coupon for Petflow.com.

Bailey’s favorite toy is definitely the PetProjekt T-bone steak! She took it out immediately and it’s her go-to toy right now. It squeaks loudly and seems to hold up really well. Bailey has the jaws of a lion and she hasn’t been able to put a dent in this one!  Dublin also love it, but rarely gets a chance to play with it. I think I will need to buy another Pet Projekt toy!

The Incredibubbles were also a huge hit! They are peach-flavored and dog-safe, but the best part is they are long-lasting.  They don’t pop when they land!  The Aussies went crazy for these.  I love that they don’t stain and it looks like the small jar will last for a while.  I recorded Dublin and Bailey playing with the bubbles today and made a short video. Click below to see it.

Dublin and Bailey vs. The Incredibubbles!

We haven’t tried the Spinz from this month’s box, but Dublin has had one in the past.  I know my super-chewers can get through these in 10 minutes or less, but they do enjoy them.  We are saving ours for now. The Yumzies treats have been popular with the Aussies and I love that they are made with lots of good stuff and are American made!

Speaking of American made, I contacted Barkbox when we received this month’s box because I noticed that the t-bone steak was made in China.  I avoid pet products made in China when possible so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give it to the Aussies.  However, their customer service got back to me right away and explained that the product is made in a highly regulated factory overseas.  This made me feel much better and the Aussies are very happy that they get to keep the steak. 🙂

If you have a dog or dogs, I highly recommend Barkbox!  It’s tons of fun for humans and dogs and it’s well worth the price.    It’s $25/month, $21 for a 3 month subscription,  or $17 for a 6 month subscription.  Shipping is always free.  You can choose from three dog sizes (small, medium, and large).  My two share a medium size box.

Click here to order your own subscription.  (You get $5 off and I earn a free month!)

*I was not paid for this review in any way. I stumbled upon Barkbox while reading another blog back in April and subscribed almost immediately.  Opinions are my own!