Our September Barkbox!




The Aussies know when their Barkbox is delivered.  This month’s was especially easy to find because Bailey could smell the treat inside as soon as we reached the porch, where the box was up against the front door.  I barely got it inside before they tried to open it themselves! And once I did get it open, they were right there, sticking their noses inside!  I have to let them look through the box before I even get a chance to take anything out!









Bailey was a thief!  The first item out of the box was the Barkworthies Braided Bully Stick.  I’m pretty sure Bailey was hoping that I did not see her steal it and run off.  She was not a happy Aussie when I took it back.  However, she did get to enjoy it later that night and it was a big hit.  We love Bully Sticks around here, but the humans do not enjoy the smell.  This Bully Stick had very little odor.  A win for us and a win for the dogs!



The rest of the box was also great.  The Whole Life Freeze Dried Sweet Potatoes came with us on our walk today and both dogs enjoyed them.  I was excited to see that the doggie daycare the Aussies sometimes visit now carries the Whole Life treats.  We got a sample of the freeze dried chicken and I will definitely be picking up a whole bag of those!

I haven’t tried the L.A. Fresh Wag Wipes yet, but we will certainly put them to good use.  The Aussome Aussies love mud and detest baths, so anything that makes cleanup easier is good for all of us. The Zukes Z-Bone will also be put to good use because it is a breath freshener.  Bailey has terrible breath sometimes, despite her sparkling white teeth, so I’m always on the lookout for breath fresheners that she likes.  We’ve tried the Zukes line of treats in the past and the Aussies love them. so I’m sure this won’t be any different! Perhaps we will use this month’s $10 coupon for Wag.com to order some more!

The last item in the box was the Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy.  I love the idea of this toy- a way to let the dogs play with water bottles without tearing them into tiny pieces of plastic.  This toy is made from a flexible, durable, vanilla-scented material. It smells delicious!  But the medium Barkbox seems to have had a medium Crinket toy, which I can’t find on the website.  The medium is just a weird size.  The 8oz water bottles are too small to fill it and the 16.9 oz water bottles hang out too much (the Aussies can still destroy a quarter of the water bottle).  Plus, it’s really hard to get the water bottle into the toy.  It looks like the large Barkbox got a large Crinket toy and it seems that size is much easier to work with.  I think if the medium boxes had included the large toy I would be more satisfied with it.  I love the idea of the Crinket but the execution just didn’t cut it for us.  (This is why I love Barkbox.  I get to try a toy I might not have purchased otherwise.  Now I know that if I see a large size I should grab it!)

Barkbox is awesome!  As usual, I can’t recommend it enough!  Click here to order your own subscription.  (You get $5 off and I earn a free month!)

*I was not paid for this review in any way. I stumbled upon Barkbox while reading another blog back in April and subscribed almost immediately.  Opinions are my own! 


My Dogs Have Letters After Their Names Now

Yes, you read that correctly. Dublin and Bailey have earned letters after their names, a feat I am yet to accomplish myself.

J+F’s Dublin’s Irish Sky, CA

Bailey’s Irish Dream, CA

Both dogs completed the three legs necessary for their AKC Coursing Ability titles this past weekend!

Showing off their fancy ribbons!


For those of you not familiar with Coursing Ability Tests, they are related to lure coursing.  Lure coursing is for sighthounds, so coursing ability tests were developed to let other breeds in on the fun.  The dogs must enthusiastically chase a lure (plastic bags, usually) on a pulley system around a 600 yard course.  They must complete the course and return to their owner in under two minutes.  Both Aussome Aussies finished in under a minute each time.

We completed three trials this weekend, which was exhausting for all parties involved.  But we met a lot of great people and the Aussies love, love, love lure coursing.  We attend practices most weekends during the warmer months and it’s great exercise.  After this weekend’s events, the dogs slept for about two days!  I joked with my husband that we had finally discovered the secret to good Aussies- three coursing ability tests, meeting lots of new people, and attending a soccer game to top it all off.

Bailey is one of less than 40 Aussies nationally who have achieved their CA titles.  Dublin, AKC registered as a Miniature American Shepherd (mini Aussie), seems to be one of the first (if not the first) of his breed to reach title status in CAT!  Very cool, huh?

Next up? Coursing Ability Advanced titles!  Bailey just needs 6 more passing runs and Dublin needs seven.