My Dogs Have Letters After Their Names Now

Yes, you read that correctly. Dublin and Bailey have earned letters after their names, a feat I am yet to accomplish myself.

J+F’s Dublin’s Irish Sky, CA

Bailey’s Irish Dream, CA

Both dogs completed the three legs necessary for their AKC Coursing Ability titles this past weekend!

Showing off their fancy ribbons!


For those of you not familiar with Coursing Ability Tests, they are related to lure coursing.  Lure coursing is for sighthounds, so coursing ability tests were developed to let other breeds in on the fun.  The dogs must enthusiastically chase a lure (plastic bags, usually) on a pulley system around a 600 yard course.  They must complete the course and return to their owner in under two minutes.  Both Aussome Aussies finished in under a minute each time.

We completed three trials this weekend, which was exhausting for all parties involved.  But we met a lot of great people and the Aussies love, love, love lure coursing.  We attend practices most weekends during the warmer months and it’s great exercise.  After this weekend’s events, the dogs slept for about two days!  I joked with my husband that we had finally discovered the secret to good Aussies- three coursing ability tests, meeting lots of new people, and attending a soccer game to top it all off.

Bailey is one of less than 40 Aussies nationally who have achieved their CA titles.  Dublin, AKC registered as a Miniature American Shepherd (mini Aussie), seems to be one of the first (if not the first) of his breed to reach title status in CAT!  Very cool, huh?

Next up? Coursing Ability Advanced titles!  Bailey just needs 6 more passing runs and Dublin needs seven.


One thought on “My Dogs Have Letters After Their Names Now

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like great fun for everyone; please tell Bailey and Dublin that Ivy and Revel send their congrats from Texas!

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