Doodie Packs!

I have to tell you all how much I adore Dublin and Bailey’s Doodie Packs. We ordered them at L’Oreal’s Because Your Dog is Worth It, Too and had personalization done.  We figured it was a good investment because they are multi-use.  Both Aussies can wear them on runs during hunting season, they can use them as jobs on walks, and Dublin can wear his on therapy visits.  I love that they are Made in the USA!  Kristin Elliott, the brains behind the Doodie Pack is an absolute sweetheart and went out of her way to make our packs awesome! (She measured each dog and shortened the straps on Dublin’s pack, which she did not have to do!)


What is a Doodie Pack? From their website:

Doodie Pack is a canine utility back pack designed to improve your quality of life and the relationship between you and your dog.

Supporting the philosophy that dogs need a job, Doodie Pack’s simple and easy to use multi-pocket design is endorsed by behavioral trainers as an effective tool in the training process.

Originally designed to carry bags of dog waste generated during your walks, Doodie Pack’s roomy pockets allow your dog to comfortably carry whatever you put in the pack up to the recommended 15% of your dog’s body weight.
Our lightweight and durable pack promotes K9 physical and mental wellness during a day hike, a run, or just your daily walk around town and “puts dignity back into your dog walk”…as it should be.

Available in 8 colors and 3 sizes, Doodie Pack fits dogs from 8 to 180 lbs.

We chose hunter orange because we do a lot of hiking during hunting season and I wanted to make sure they would be visible.  Plus, it goes with the Irish theme.  We had each dog’s name embroidered on the pack along with a shamrock (again, the Irish theme).  The Aussies have been wearing their packs a few times each week for the past two months and they are fabulous!  Dublin even managed to get his covered in mud last weekend and it rinsed clean, coming out as good as new.

The Doodie Packs have a very convenient grab handle on top which I have used more than a few times to corral running Aussies.  The expandable pockets on each side can hold keys, cell phones, waste bags, water bottles, and lots more! The reflective tape is great for walking at night and when your dogs are racing through the woods at twilight.  And best of all, the nylon is rugged and heavy-duty.  So far, my packs have taken a beating and still look brand new!

I highly recommend the Doodie Pack.  Be sure to check out their website!

Here are some photos of the Doodie Packs in action!

Bailey and Dublin wore theirs during their last CAT trial and they received many compliments on them!
Patricia Hart Zackman: CAT in Colts Neck 9-16-12 &emdash; CAT in Colts Neck, NJ
Patricia Hart Zackman: CAT in Colts Neck 9-16-12 &emdash; CAT in Colts Neck, NJ




*all opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review.  I just really love the Doodie Packs!


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