Review: The Honest Kitchen’s Beams (New Favorites!)

A few days ago I  had a chance to go to one of our favorite sort-of-local pet stores.  Cats and Dogs Rule, Too is an awesome store in Princeton that carries lots of natural and healthy pet products.  I like to get there any time I’m in the Princeton area and they never disappoint.  I so wish they had a location closer to our house!

As I was wandering the aisles this time I happened to see a display for The Honest Kitchen.  While I feed the Aussies grain-free kibble, I’ve always been intrigued by THK.  We use puzzle toys for all of their food, so I don’t think I could ever switch entirely, but I have used a sample or two from L’Oreal’s Because Your Dog is Worth It event in their frozen Kongs.  But until recently I did not know that they also make treats.  I was excited to see that they carried Beams, an Icelandic catfish treat.  Apparently their are two sizes available, but our store only carried the “smalls” size so I grabbed that one. Beams are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins, waters surrounding Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks.  They resemble jerky, but are not quite as soft.

When I came home and opened the box, the smell was almost overwhelming.  Make no mistake- these are pure fish!  But the Aussies smelled them a mile away and came flying down the stairs to investigate.


When I took out the first fish sticks (haha), they started going crazy.  It was a nice exercise in self-control to have to sit and pose for the above picture before I let them dig in.

These aren’t longterm chews, as the Aussies got through theirs in about 5 minutes.  But they are hard treats and I imagine they are great for their teeth.  They might cause fishy breath, but I think they make great dental treats.  And they are only 26 calories each! Definitely well worth it.  Plus, they are healthy.

Beams aren’t oily and there isn’t so much as a crumb left when the Aussies finish.  I’m pretty sure Bailey would learn to do somersaults for these, that’s how much she loves them.  When she finished hers she went and sat in front of Dublin, staring at him and willing him to share with her.  She did not succeed because Dublin enjoyed his just as much!



These were a huge hit in our house!  I think I will look for the larger version next time, as the Aussies are power chewers.  But we are all definitely big fans of The Honest Kitchen Beams!  Highly, highly recommended by the Aussome Aussies!


Review: August HappyDogBox

HappyDogBox is a subscription box I learned about from another blog and it immediately caught my attention.  HappyDogBox advertises that you will get 4-6 American made dogs treats in each box, which I love.   But here is the best part: right now, the first box is FREE.  Yes, free! All you pay is shipping and handling! I figured we had nothing to lose, so we dove in.

In order to receive your first box you are asked three questions that work to customize the box to your dog . Now here’s the only downside- after your first (free) box, you will be charged $29.99 a month. I wish they had a discount for a multi-month subscription.  Or at least a referral service.  The price is a bit steep for me right now, so I will probably try one more month before stopping.  They are a new company, so maybe they are working on these important details.

The first box came about 4 weeks after I ordered.  I never received an email telling me it shipped, so I was a bit surprised when it showed up one day.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened it up, but the Aussies sure did.  They could not stop jumping up to get at the box.  Once I opened it, I realized why.


A look at the goodies


Trying to steal the spiral bully stick

The Aussies were clearly impressed by the contents of the box and so was I.  We’ve tried a lot of subscription boxes and lately I’ve noticed that some of them (Spoiled Rotten is the guiltiest) seem to contain the same treats that we received in the Barkbox a few months earlier.  It’s like a repeat knock-off a little too often for my taste.  But  HappyDogBox  was different!  There were entirely new products in this month’s box, with no repeats!


All in all, I really like  HappyDogBox .  More importantly, the Aussome Aussies loved it.  I think we will stick with this box for at least another month and in the meantime I will hope that they come up with a multi-month discount!

Review: August Barkbox

We are loyal Barkbox subscribers and though we have reviewed the boxes in the past, it’s been a while since we updated.  We recently re-upped for another year of Barkboxes because it is our favorite subscription box.  We’ve only been disappointed in one box, which still amazes me.  It’s incredible that the Barkboxers manage to fill every box with unique, interesting products!

This month’s box was no different.  Based on a water theme, we received a shark pool toy (complete with a squeaker, rope, and tennis ball inside!), two different types of treats, and Ice Pup mix, and bully stick flakes (can’t wait to mix them in a frozen Kong!).

As always, we highly recommend subscribing to Barkbox.  We love it so much that we keep giving subscriptions as gifts!  And if you subscribe using this link, you will get $5 off your order and the Aussies will earn a free month! Clearly, that’s a win-win situation. Haha!


Fetch Friday- Aussie Wishlist!

Fetch Friday Collage

1. and 2. Dublin Dog Company’s new Koa Collars- Dublin and Bailey have never worn any collar besides their All Style, No Stink Dublin Dog Collars.  I love the Lots ‘O Luck collection but sometimes I wish the collars were cloth instead of synthetic polymers.  Now it looks like my wish has been granted!  The Koa line, which is brand new, is also waterproof and stinkproof.  We have to try these out! Green for Dublin and pink for Bailey, naturally. (Now if they would just get some shamrock designs for my Irish Aussies!)

3. The Honest Kitchen Beams Pure Catfish Skins Dog Treats– Dublin and Bailey would love these!  And I love to get Omega-3 into their diet any way I can.

4. Nature’s Variety Sweetspots– Dublin and Bailey love frozen treats and these look like a great one to try! These contain live yogurt cultures and are made from sweet potatoes and molasses.

5. Pet Wardrobe- I have dog stuff everywhere.  Seriously.  This is an example from Better Homes and Gardens and I would kill for something similar.  Leashes, treats, poop bags, other random dog items- everything would have its place behind closed doors!  Plus, Guinness (our cat) would love to hang out on top!  When we get a house I think I might hack an Ikea wardrobe into something like this.

What is on your pet’s wishlist this week?

Review: Indoor Chuck-it Toys

Dublin and Bailey are super active.  I mean, of course they are- they are Australian Shepherds! We take lots of walks but in the house we also need some playtime.  Recently, we decided to try the Chuckit! Indoor Ball. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of faith in a soft toy that the Aussies were expected to pick up and toss around. I assumed it would be in pieces in a few short days. Boy was I wrong! Months later, the indoor toys are by far Bailey’s favorite “in the house” toys and they still look brand new!

The toys are great for the house because they are very soft. We can toss them around and they don’t knock the lamps over, leave marks on the wall, or make a lot of noise. We can get into some pretty heated games and I never worry about the toys breaking something. (The dogs, on the other hand…ha). I recommend the Chuckit! Indoor Ball to everyone I know.

More importantly, Bailey recommends the Chuck-it Indoor line of toys.

Buy these toys!!  We love Chuck-it!

Buy these toys!! We love Chuck-it!



*We are just big fans and bought these toys on our own. We’ve purchased them from Doggyloot and our local Homegoods/Marshalls.

L’Oreal Because Your Dog is Worth It Day 2013

One of our favorite days of the year, L’Oreal‘s Because Your Dog is Worth It is a day dedicated to dogs and their people while raising money for breast cancer research.  We’ve been going since Dublin was a puppy and we always have an amazing time.  Even better than the free samples and great dog vendors is the money raised for cancer research.  This year they crossed the $1 million mark!  How amazing is that?

Just a few pictures from this year’s event.  The night before, Chris and I made doggie ice cream for the therapy dogs to give out.  Thank goodness for the Vitamix because it is not easy to make and freeze ice cream in bulk!  On the day of the event we spent some time at the therapy dog booth and then walked around and visited all the vendors and rescues.  A great day as always!


Swimming together to stay cool. Notice the awesome Doodie Packs that we bought at last year’s event!


Posing in the Furry Angels booth


Posing with one of the characters


Dublin is a Furry Angel!


Everybody slept when we got home!