Review: Indoor Chuck-it Toys

Dublin and Bailey are super active.  I mean, of course they are- they are Australian Shepherds! We take lots of walks but in the house we also need some playtime.  Recently, we decided to try the Chuckit! Indoor Ball. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of faith in a soft toy that the Aussies were expected to pick up and toss around. I assumed it would be in pieces in a few short days. Boy was I wrong! Months later, the indoor toys are by far Bailey’s favorite “in the house” toys and they still look brand new!

The toys are great for the house because they are very soft. We can toss them around and they don’t knock the lamps over, leave marks on the wall, or make a lot of noise. We can get into some pretty heated games and I never worry about the toys breaking something. (The dogs, on the other hand…ha). I recommend the Chuckit! Indoor Ball to everyone I know.

More importantly, Bailey recommends the Chuck-it Indoor line of toys.

Buy these toys!!  We love Chuck-it!

Buy these toys!! We love Chuck-it!



*We are just big fans and bought these toys on our own. We’ve purchased them from Doggyloot and our local Homegoods/Marshalls.


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