Review: August Barkbox

We are loyal Barkbox subscribers and though we have reviewed the boxes in the past, it’s been a while since we updated.  We recently re-upped for another year of Barkboxes because it is our favorite subscription box.  We’ve only been disappointed in one box, which still amazes me.  It’s incredible that the Barkboxers manage to fill every box with unique, interesting products!

This month’s box was no different.  Based on a water theme, we received a shark pool toy (complete with a squeaker, rope, and tennis ball inside!), two different types of treats, and Ice Pup mix, and bully stick flakes (can’t wait to mix them in a frozen Kong!).

As always, we highly recommend subscribing to Barkbox.  We love it so much that we keep giving subscriptions as gifts!  And if you subscribe using this link, you will get $5 off your order and the Aussies will earn a free month! Clearly, that’s a win-win situation. Haha!



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