Review: August HappyDogBox

HappyDogBox is a subscription box I learned about from another blog and it immediately caught my attention.  HappyDogBox advertises that you will get 4-6 American made dogs treats in each box, which I love.   But here is the best part: right now, the first box is FREE.  Yes, free! All you pay is shipping and handling! I figured we had nothing to lose, so we dove in.

In order to receive your first box you are asked three questions that work to customize the box to your dog . Now here’s the only downside- after your first (free) box, you will be charged $29.99 a month. I wish they had a discount for a multi-month subscription.  Or at least a referral service.  The price is a bit steep for me right now, so I will probably try one more month before stopping.  They are a new company, so maybe they are working on these important details.

The first box came about 4 weeks after I ordered.  I never received an email telling me it shipped, so I was a bit surprised when it showed up one day.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened it up, but the Aussies sure did.  They could not stop jumping up to get at the box.  Once I opened it, I realized why.


A look at the goodies


Trying to steal the spiral bully stick

The Aussies were clearly impressed by the contents of the box and so was I.  We’ve tried a lot of subscription boxes and lately I’ve noticed that some of them (Spoiled Rotten is the guiltiest) seem to contain the same treats that we received in the Barkbox a few months earlier.  It’s like a repeat knock-off a little too often for my taste.  But  HappyDogBox  was different!  There were entirely new products in this month’s box, with no repeats!


All in all, I really like  HappyDogBox .  More importantly, the Aussome Aussies loved it.  I think we will stick with this box for at least another month and in the meantime I will hope that they come up with a multi-month discount!


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