Review: The Honest Kitchen’s Beams (New Favorites!)

A few days ago I  had a chance to go to one of our favorite sort-of-local pet stores.  Cats and Dogs Rule, Too is an awesome store in Princeton that carries lots of natural and healthy pet products.  I like to get there any time I’m in the Princeton area and they never disappoint.  I so wish they had a location closer to our house!

As I was wandering the aisles this time I happened to see a display for The Honest Kitchen.  While I feed the Aussies grain-free kibble, I’ve always been intrigued by THK.  We use puzzle toys for all of their food, so I don’t think I could ever switch entirely, but I have used a sample or two from L’Oreal’s Because Your Dog is Worth It event in their frozen Kongs.  But until recently I did not know that they also make treats.  I was excited to see that they carried Beams, an Icelandic catfish treat.  Apparently their are two sizes available, but our store only carried the “smalls” size so I grabbed that one. Beams are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins, waters surrounding Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks.  They resemble jerky, but are not quite as soft.

When I came home and opened the box, the smell was almost overwhelming.  Make no mistake- these are pure fish!  But the Aussies smelled them a mile away and came flying down the stairs to investigate.


When I took out the first fish sticks (haha), they started going crazy.  It was a nice exercise in self-control to have to sit and pose for the above picture before I let them dig in.

These aren’t longterm chews, as the Aussies got through theirs in about 5 minutes.  But they are hard treats and I imagine they are great for their teeth.  They might cause fishy breath, but I think they make great dental treats.  And they are only 26 calories each! Definitely well worth it.  Plus, they are healthy.

Beams aren’t oily and there isn’t so much as a crumb left when the Aussies finish.  I’m pretty sure Bailey would learn to do somersaults for these, that’s how much she loves them.  When she finished hers she went and sat in front of Dublin, staring at him and willing him to share with her.  She did not succeed because Dublin enjoyed his just as much!



These were a huge hit in our house!  I think I will look for the larger version next time, as the Aussies are power chewers.  But we are all definitely big fans of The Honest Kitchen Beams!  Highly, highly recommended by the Aussome Aussies!


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