Nature’s Variety Biscuits

This month our friends at Chewy let us try the new Nature’s Variety Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits and they might be the Aussies’ new favorite treat!  I’m not sure the Aussies are the best treat reviewers, as they love, love, love everything Chewy sends!





When I first opened the bag, this was Dublin’s expression: a huge smile!  Love that Aussie smile!




The Aussies know the routine- take a few pictures for the blog and then we get the treats. But they were very impatient this time.  Shortly after taking this picture, Bailey began to drool!  She could smell the bacon and apples through the packaging and she wanted her treat ASAP!  I had no problem ripping into the bag because, as you can see below, these are “naturally delicious”.  The biscuits contain no wheat, no corn, no soy, and no artificial preservatives.  They smell like bacon and they must taste like it, too, judging by the reactions from the dogs!





If you look closely, you can see a little bit of Dublin’s tongue hanging out. He could barely sit still long enough for this picture!  I tried to get a shot of him eating the treat, but it happened too quickly!  That’s stamp of approval from Dublin!



And then poor Bailey finally got her turn.  She was actually shaking as I took the picture.  She could smell the biscuit, she could see the biscuit, and I think she could practically taste it at this point!  She was even drooling a bit.  Don’t worry, I didn’t make her wait too long!  Like Dublin, she was done with the biscuit almost instantly and was looking for another one.  I have to keep the bag hidden away so she doesn’t try to eat them all day long!


Thanks to our friends at for being so nice to us!  We love trying new treats!  It’s been a little crazy lately because we are moving and they’ve been so understanding of us falling behind a bit.  But I think we are caught up now!  Be sure to check out Chewy for all your pet needs!



*These treats were provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.



Wynsong Dream Treats Review

This month we are really excited that our friends at sent us the Wynsong Dream Treats to try. We chose the rabbit flavor because the packaging said that dogs and cats can eat them and our cat, Guinness, loves rabbit.

A treat that can satisfy both species in the house?  Perfect!

When the package came, the Aussies could smell the treats right away.


It’s a nice size bag of treats, but what’s really awesome is that the treats are huge!  We were expecting small training treats so we were shocked to see pucks the size of a person’s hand!  The packaging says the Aussies can even eat them for a meal sometimes!  Wynsong is a really cool company that makes holistic food and treats so we trust that the pucks are really nutritious.  They are packed full of nutrients and probiotics according to the list of ingredients.  What more can you ask for with a treat?

Check out the reactions when the first puck was taken out of the bag.


Look how big that puck is! Dublin can’t help but lick his lips when he smells the Wynsong Dream Treat!

We LOVED these treats!  They break apart easily for treating and they are definitely high-value treats. There are no crumbs either.  The Aussies swallowed them quickly and looked for more immediately.  Woohoo!

Even Guinness came running when he heard the bag rustling.  As you can see, he also loved the treats!


Thanks to for sharing these treats with us!  We loved them and can’t wait to finish the bag.  I think we will be trying some of the other flavors, too!

*Chewy sent us these treats for free and we agreed to review them.  However, all opinions are our own and were not influenced by anyone or any company.

Chewy White