Fetch Friday- Aussie Wishlist!

Fetch Friday Collage

1. and 2. Dublin Dog Company’s new Koa Collars- Dublin and Bailey have never worn any collar besides their All Style, No Stink Dublin Dog Collars.  I love the Lots ‘O Luck collection but sometimes I wish the collars were cloth instead of synthetic polymers.  Now it looks like my wish has been granted!  The Koa line, which is brand new, is also waterproof and stinkproof.  We have to try these out! Green for Dublin and pink for Bailey, naturally. (Now if they would just get some shamrock designs for my Irish Aussies!)

3. The Honest Kitchen Beams Pure Catfish Skins Dog Treats– Dublin and Bailey would love these!  And I love to get Omega-3 into their diet any way I can.

4. Nature’s Variety Sweetspots– Dublin and Bailey love frozen treats and these look like a great one to try! These contain live yogurt cultures and are made from sweet potatoes and molasses.

5. Pet Wardrobe- I have dog stuff everywhere.  Seriously.  This is an example from Better Homes and Gardens and I would kill for something similar.  Leashes, treats, poop bags, other random dog items- everything would have its place behind closed doors!  Plus, Guinness (our cat) would love to hang out on top!  When we get a house I think I might hack an Ikea wardrobe into something like this.

What is on your pet’s wishlist this week?