Nature’s Variety Biscuits

This month our friends at Chewy let us try the new Nature’s Variety Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits and they might be the Aussies’ new favorite treat!  I’m not sure the Aussies are the best treat reviewers, as they love, love, love everything Chewy sends!





When I first opened the bag, this was Dublin’s expression: a huge smile!  Love that Aussie smile!




The Aussies know the routine- take a few pictures for the blog and then we get the treats. But they were very impatient this time.  Shortly after taking this picture, Bailey began to drool!  She could smell the bacon and apples through the packaging and she wanted her treat ASAP!  I had no problem ripping into the bag because, as you can see below, these are “naturally delicious”.  The biscuits contain no wheat, no corn, no soy, and no artificial preservatives.  They smell like bacon and they must taste like it, too, judging by the reactions from the dogs!





If you look closely, you can see a little bit of Dublin’s tongue hanging out. He could barely sit still long enough for this picture!  I tried to get a shot of him eating the treat, but it happened too quickly!  That’s stamp of approval from Dublin!



And then poor Bailey finally got her turn.  She was actually shaking as I took the picture.  She could smell the biscuit, she could see the biscuit, and I think she could practically taste it at this point!  She was even drooling a bit.  Don’t worry, I didn’t make her wait too long!  Like Dublin, she was done with the biscuit almost instantly and was looking for another one.  I have to keep the bag hidden away so she doesn’t try to eat them all day long!


Thanks to our friends at for being so nice to us!  We love trying new treats!  It’s been a little crazy lately because we are moving and they’ve been so understanding of us falling behind a bit.  But I think we are caught up now!  Be sure to check out Chewy for all your pet needs!



*These treats were provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.



Delicious Old Mother Hubbard Treats!

This month our friends from Chewy gave us the opportunity to try out the new Old Mother Hubbard Soft-Baked Treats.

When the box arrived in the mail (very quickly, as usual!) the Aussies knew it was for them right away.  And as you can see below, they wanted nothing to do with posing for a picture.  I have to admit, the cookies smelled like people cookies!  And they looked like oatmeal cookies!  I was a little tempted to try one myself, until the Aussies reminded me they were not going to share.




I was very impressed with the list of ingredients in these soft baked treats.  We could actually pronounce everything on the list!

 Ingredients listed on the packaging: Whole Wheat Flour, Honey, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Apple Puree, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Cane Molasses, Natural Vanilla Flavor.



Don’t they look good?  And let me tell you, they smell good, too!


Bailey had no patience.  She wanted the treat right away!




Dublin also loved them!  He even stuck his tongue out a bit in order to get his.


These treats were a big hit here with the Aussome Aussies!  We finished the bag in only a few days, using them as treats in Kongs and before going to work each day.  I love that they were easy to break apart, made from natural ingredients, and a great size.  The Aussies loved that they tasted delicious!  We had the Applesauce & Oatmeal flavor and we can’t wait to try the other flavors.


Thanks Chewy!  We really loved these treats!

Chewy White

*These treats were provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.



Wynsong Dream Treats Review

This month we are really excited that our friends at sent us the Wynsong Dream Treats to try. We chose the rabbit flavor because the packaging said that dogs and cats can eat them and our cat, Guinness, loves rabbit.

A treat that can satisfy both species in the house?  Perfect!

When the package came, the Aussies could smell the treats right away.


It’s a nice size bag of treats, but what’s really awesome is that the treats are huge!  We were expecting small training treats so we were shocked to see pucks the size of a person’s hand!  The packaging says the Aussies can even eat them for a meal sometimes!  Wynsong is a really cool company that makes holistic food and treats so we trust that the pucks are really nutritious.  They are packed full of nutrients and probiotics according to the list of ingredients.  What more can you ask for with a treat?

Check out the reactions when the first puck was taken out of the bag.


Look how big that puck is! Dublin can’t help but lick his lips when he smells the Wynsong Dream Treat!

We LOVED these treats!  They break apart easily for treating and they are definitely high-value treats. There are no crumbs either.  The Aussies swallowed them quickly and looked for more immediately.  Woohoo!

Even Guinness came running when he heard the bag rustling.  As you can see, he also loved the treats!


Thanks to for sharing these treats with us!  We loved them and can’t wait to finish the bag.  I think we will be trying some of the other flavors, too!

*Chewy sent us these treats for free and we agreed to review them.  However, all opinions are our own and were not influenced by anyone or any company.

Chewy White

Our September Barkbox!




The Aussies know when their Barkbox is delivered.  This month’s was especially easy to find because Bailey could smell the treat inside as soon as we reached the porch, where the box was up against the front door.  I barely got it inside before they tried to open it themselves! And once I did get it open, they were right there, sticking their noses inside!  I have to let them look through the box before I even get a chance to take anything out!









Bailey was a thief!  The first item out of the box was the Barkworthies Braided Bully Stick.  I’m pretty sure Bailey was hoping that I did not see her steal it and run off.  She was not a happy Aussie when I took it back.  However, she did get to enjoy it later that night and it was a big hit.  We love Bully Sticks around here, but the humans do not enjoy the smell.  This Bully Stick had very little odor.  A win for us and a win for the dogs!



The rest of the box was also great.  The Whole Life Freeze Dried Sweet Potatoes came with us on our walk today and both dogs enjoyed them.  I was excited to see that the doggie daycare the Aussies sometimes visit now carries the Whole Life treats.  We got a sample of the freeze dried chicken and I will definitely be picking up a whole bag of those!

I haven’t tried the L.A. Fresh Wag Wipes yet, but we will certainly put them to good use.  The Aussome Aussies love mud and detest baths, so anything that makes cleanup easier is good for all of us. The Zukes Z-Bone will also be put to good use because it is a breath freshener.  Bailey has terrible breath sometimes, despite her sparkling white teeth, so I’m always on the lookout for breath fresheners that she likes.  We’ve tried the Zukes line of treats in the past and the Aussies love them. so I’m sure this won’t be any different! Perhaps we will use this month’s $10 coupon for to order some more!

The last item in the box was the Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy.  I love the idea of this toy- a way to let the dogs play with water bottles without tearing them into tiny pieces of plastic.  This toy is made from a flexible, durable, vanilla-scented material. It smells delicious!  But the medium Barkbox seems to have had a medium Crinket toy, which I can’t find on the website.  The medium is just a weird size.  The 8oz water bottles are too small to fill it and the 16.9 oz water bottles hang out too much (the Aussies can still destroy a quarter of the water bottle).  Plus, it’s really hard to get the water bottle into the toy.  It looks like the large Barkbox got a large Crinket toy and it seems that size is much easier to work with.  I think if the medium boxes had included the large toy I would be more satisfied with it.  I love the idea of the Crinket but the execution just didn’t cut it for us.  (This is why I love Barkbox.  I get to try a toy I might not have purchased otherwise.  Now I know that if I see a large size I should grab it!)

Barkbox is awesome!  As usual, I can’t recommend it enough!  Click here to order your own subscription.  (You get $5 off and I earn a free month!)

*I was not paid for this review in any way. I stumbled upon Barkbox while reading another blog back in April and subscribed almost immediately.  Opinions are my own! 

August Barkbox Review

The middle of the month is very popular around here.  Sometime around the 15th of the month, our Barkbox arrives!  The Aussies know when it’s here, because unlike the other boxes that arrive on our porch this one always smells like treats.  As soon as I bring the box into the house the Aussies are following me around, herding me into the family room so I can open it.

This month’s box was another hit!

Checking out the goodies!

This month’s box was awesome!  The first item out of the box and quickly out of the packaging was the Hyper Pet™ Flying Series Slingshot Flying Pig.   This is a slingshot toy that can shoot over 100 feet!  We haven’t tried it outside yet, but it certainly flys far in the house!  The Aussies also love the rope toy attached to the pig.  I’m not sure how long the pig will last around here, as it seems ripe for holes from Aussie teeth, but no stuffed toy lasts very long at our house anyway.  This one is a big hit right now, though!

Playing tugs with the flying pig!

The Aussie’s least favorite item in this month’s box was my favorite.  The NATURE’S MIRACLE Freshening Spray for Dogs is like a leave-in conditioner for dogs.  You can use it between baths to keep your dogs smelling fresh and clean.  The Aussies are not big fans of taking baths and they tend to dislike anything that represents bath time. However, I can’t wait to use this to keep them smelling fresh and clean!

This box also included a moose antler from Acadia Antlers! Dublin and Bailey LOVE LOVE LOVE antlers.  We have deer antlers and elk antlers laying all over the house.  I haven’t given them the Acadia Antler yet because we only have one and that won’t go over very well. As soon as I have another moose antler they will be thrilled to chew away on them. Antlers are awesome because they last forever, they don’t break, and the marrow is delicious (to the dogs)!  They also don’t smell and don’t stain, which makes this owner quite happy.  Plus, they are a renewable resource, as they are collected after the deer, elk, or moose drops them each year.

Finally, we got two bags of treats this time.  First, we got a sample of Milkbone’s new Trail Mix for Dogs.  The Aussies tore through that and it’s already gone!  But the best treat is the Bocce’s Bakery Elvis, a banana, peanut butter, and turkey bacon treat.  The Aussies sniffed that out immediately and I think they would have eaten the whole bag right then if I let them.  But we are trying to ration the delicious treats!  Just a few each day.  🙂

Once again, Barkbox hits it out of the park!  I enjoy each month’s offerings almost as much as the Aussies do!

Click here to order your own subscription.  (You get $5 off and I earn a free month!)

*I was not paid for this review in any way. I stumbled upon Barkbox while reading another blog back in April and subscribed almost immediately.  Opinions are my own! 

Will Work for Food: Tumbleweed & Eddie’s

20120726-143132.jpg Last month’s Barkbox included treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s.  The dogs loved the treats that we got so I decided to go online and order some more. When I logged onto the company’s website I was thrilled to discover that they are located only a few towns away from me.  They sell their treats at a few local farmers’ markets and I decided to take the Aussies to one so that we could see all the options.

Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats are made with human grade ingredients and they are wheat-free.  This is important to me because I try to feed the dogs grain-free food.  Aussies are notorious for their sensitive stomachs and Dublin definitely does better with fewer grains.  Bailey, on the other hand, is a living garbage disposal and nothing bothers her! The Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats are baked in small batches and the combinations are unlike anything you find in a big box store.

At the farmers’ market we ended up buying a few Double Nut Super Boosts and Minty Breath Busters.  These were quite popular with the Aussies, who were dismayed that they were not able to stand at the table and try every single treat being offered.  Let me tell you- the noses were going wild while we shopped!

I also purchased a bug repellant shampoo bar because we spend a lot of time in the woods hiking.  The mosquitos and gnats are always bugging the Aussies and I don’t want to spray them with more chemicals.  We use Certifect to kill ticks, but it doesn’t stop other stinging bugs. We haven’t tried the soap yet but it smells amazing!

I wanted to head back to the farmers’ market last weekend but it ended up being cancelled because of the weather.  Tumbleweed & Eddie’s announced on Facebook that their stash for that day was on sale (that’s how fresh they are!) so I ended up placing a quick order.  Tumbleweed & Eddie’s offers free shipping, so it was a no-brainer.  We ended up getting some jerky and Puppy Butter. I’m especially excited about the Puppy Butter because Bailey had ridiculously soft paws and she tends to scrape them when she runs a lot.  I’m hoping the Puppy Butter helps a bit!

I highly, highly recommend Tumbleweed & Eddie’s treats for anyone who wants human-grade, all-natural treats that are fresh and delicious.  The Aussome Aussies give them 4 paws up!


(We go through a lot of treats around here because the Aussies love to learn and work.  Thankfully, they also run a lot, so we don’t have to worry about weight gain.)