New digs!

Apologies for the radio silence but we’ve spent the last 2 months moving! It was worth it, though. The Aussies have a huge yard (that they can play in once we fence it off) and a pool!


Back to our regularly scheduled blog posts and reviews soon!

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Loving Our Jolly Egg by Jolly Pets

The Aussies love snow. I mean the looooove snow. We are always on the lookout for toys that are fun to play with regardless of weather and the Jolly Egg is the latest winner.

Dublin has a strong herding instinct but Bailey never showed much interest.

Until we brought out the Jolly Egg by Jolly Pet.

Oh my dog. She loves this toy!

She would herd it for hours. We have to hide it when we are inside so she doesn’t obsess over it! Made of super tough plastic, it stands up to teeth, paws, and a lot of banging around. Highly recommended for herders!

Below, you can see Bailey trying to convince Dublin to throw the egg for her…haha


Dublin’s Favorite Toy

A few years ago I bought a Kong Squiggle on a whim. I had no idea Dublin would fall completely in love with it. Since then we have gone through a Squiggle every 4-5 months. They end up with broken elastic, stuffing pulled out, and practically decapitated.

For the past few months I’ve had trouble finding Squiggles. I thought we were out of luck until I found them on Chewy. And they were on clearance! So I placed my first order (and used a gift card from Barkbox). I also set up an auto reorder of cat food.

Today the order came, only 2 days after I placed it! Dublin was ecstatic to get a new Squiggle and I’m thrilled with Chewy’s service. We are definitely customers for life!