Our First Bark in the Park!

A few days ago we attended our first Bark in the Park!  We are lucky to live within driving distance of a few minor league baseball teams but this was our first time attending.  The event was held with the Lakewood Blueclaws, about 20 minutes from our house.  It was so much fun!

The event began with a pet fair outside the stadium and we collected a few free samples before going in.  I had scouted out seats beforehand (the dogs were allowed to sit on the grass or in two sections within the stands.  I wanted to be near an aisle seat).  It was a cinch getting tickets and they were so cheap!  The dogs needed their own tickets, which were only $2 each. After purchasing the tickets, we headed in!



The stadium is beautiful and the game was a ton of fun.  Granted, Bailey spent most of the time annoyed because she could smell hot dogs and sometimes she could see other people eating hot dogs but no one gave her any hot dogs!



Bailey did enjoy trying to sit in the stadium seats.  They were a little slippery but she managed it!

We had a great time at the Blueclaws’ Bark in the Park!  It was so much fun that I wish they did it more than once per season.  We definitely plan to go next year, but in the meantime we will go to a few more dog-less Blueclaws games this summer.  We already have a few more on the calendar.



I do have a few suggestions for the next Bark in the Park event, though.  I wish that the Blueclaws banned retractable leashes.  We were approached by a few dogs at the very end of their retractable leashes while their owners had no idea they were 10-15 feet away.  More than a few times they snuck up on us or the Aussies.  We even had one dog pop out from the seats in front of us after wandering away on its retractable leash from an owner two rows in front of us! It was fine, but I think retractable leashes are not worth the trouble they cause.  In the same vein, the Blueclaws should make it clear that only 6-foot leashes are allowed. We ran into a few dogs on long lines, which seemed entirely inappropriate for an event like this.  Not to mention, the long lines seemed to be held by little kids who had the excess leash wrapped around an arm or leg and that’s just begging for an injury!

But those were just a few minor things I noticed.  All in all, it was a great day!  Thanks to the Blueclaws for a fun night out!